A new future for Micro Marche + Micro Factory

The plot

June 2016, MicroMarché will be gone…

July 2016 something new will start!


After 7 years of intense socio-economic, cultural and creative life, the Micro Marché building will be transformed; it’s time for its occupants to move to something new.

We are committed to create a new place dedicated to creation and sharing. We want to gather, foster and serve the most intense community of creators who move their ### to realize their ideas!

What it will be:

  • Micro Bar is a meeting place for creators, friends and victors
  • Micro Events allows to share the vivid energy of the place with the rest of the world
  • Micro Market allows makers to confront their creation with a public and inspire the visitors to consume locally and start to make things themselves
  • Micro School is where makers share their skills and provide an entry point into craftsmanship and active citizenship
  • Micro Factory is an open community of makers sharing space, knowledge, tools and motivation in order to democratize creation and innovation
  • Micro Studios are offices to rent for creators willing to grow in a striving community; including a co-working space
  • Micro Incub is there to help social entrepreneurs achieve self-sustainability

Schéma MM2.0(2)

How can you join? How can you help?

We are looking for a place and we are looking for even more creators to join.

A place

That is the main challenge for now!
We need:

  • 1000-2000 m²
  • Ideally in the pentagone, at least in a central and well deserved area. it need
  • Tight connection with the public space

We have a lot of discussions going on but no clear solution yet. Any help, tips, or contact is welcome.

More Makers

Many amazing people and initatives are already ready to join the adventure. We want the place to be as lively as possible and foster exchanges between creators. If you are a creator or serving creators, in a sharing mindset and ready to move your ### speak up! There is certainly some room for you!

Spread the word

Please help luck find us! The more (great) people are aware of this project, the more awesome the project will be. Spread the word, share the links!